Join the Museum of Brisbane as they host Bauhaus specialist Éva Forgács and launch the book Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond ahead of their forthcoming exhibition, Bauhaus Now.


Keynote Lecture and Book Launch

‘Everyone is talented. Bauhaus Pedagogy’ 

Eva Forgács teaches at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She was professor of Art History at the László Moholy-Nagy University in her native Budapest, until 1994. Her books include: The Bauhaus Idea and Bauhaus Politics (1991, 1995); the co-edited Between Worlds: A Sourcebook of Central European Avant-Gardes (2002); and Hungarian ArtConfrontation and revival in the Modern Movement (2016). She is widely published in journals and edited volumes.


Roundtable Discussion: ‘The Legacy of the Bauhaus in its Centenary’

Speakers: Éva Forgács, Philip Goad, Andrew McNamara and Isabel Wünsche
Moderator: Prof. Susan Best, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

The Bauhaus was established one hundred years ago and its centenary is being commemorated around the world. In Germany, where the Bauhaus was founded, there are exhibitions round the country for most of the year.

This roundtable will discuss why the Bauhaus still provokes so much interest today. The forum will also explain its legacy, both in Australia and throughout the world.


Keynote Lecture and Launch
1 August, 6–7:30pm

Roundtable Discussion
3 August, 1–3pm

Museum of Brisbane
Brisbane City Hall
64 Adelaide St
Brisbane City
Queensland, Australia






About the Book

Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond: Transforming Education through Art, Design and Architecture presents an extraordinary new Australasian cultural history. It is a migrant and refugee story: from 1930, the arrival of so many émigré, internee and refugee educators helped to transform art, architecture and design in Australia and New Zealand. Fifteen thematic essays and twenty individual case studies bring to light a tremendous amount of new archival material in order to show how these innovative educators, exiled from Nazism, introduced Bauhaus ideas and models to a new world. As their Bauhaus model spanned art, architecture and design, the book provides a unique cross-disciplinary, émigré history of art education in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a remarkable and little-known chapter in the wider Bauhaus venture, which has multiple legacies and continues to inform our conceptions of progressive education, creativity and the role of art and design in the wider community.



Contributors: Philip Goad, Ann Stephen, Andrew McNamara, Harriet Edquist, Isabel Wünsche
RRP $64.99 AUD
125 colour images
115 black & white images
288 pp
270 x 230 mm

A co-publication from Melbourne University Publishing and Power Publications.

For more information about the book and to purchase a copy, click here


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