The anthology Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond, soon to be launched in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane alongside a series of talks and exhibitions, is a major contribution to the centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019. The book, exhibitions and accompanying public events are the culmination of a three-year research project that brought together the region’s leading experts in modern art, design and architecture and has uncovered untold stories of how European modernism’s revolutionary ideas on art, design and architecture came to Australia and New Zealand. Bauhaus Diaspora starts with the Australian reception of the Bauhaus as ‘a spirit that is strange, distorted, and stern’ before tracing key international figures of art, architecture and design as they arrive into the internment camps and end up influencing top institutions. The artists featured led the interrupted lives of refugees and migrants who fled the Second World War, continued to teach art in difficult conditions, and changed Australian and New Zealand cultures forever.


The Editors


Philip Goad is Chair of Architecture, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and co-director of the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage at the University of Melbourne.



Ann Stephen is an art historian and Senior Curator of the University Art Gallery and Art Collection at the University of Sydney.



Andrew McNamara teaches art history at the Queensland University of Technology.



Harriet Edquist is Professor of Architectural History and Director of RMIT Design Archives at RMIT University.



Isabel Wünsche is Professor of Art and Art History at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany.




Special Guest


Power is proud to host internationally renowned Bauhaus expert Éva Forgács, who will be giving talks in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane



Éva Forgács is an internationally renowned expert in movements of 20th century art, examining their different trends as they migrated across countries. She has long specialised in the Bauhaus, writing the definitive title The Bauhaus Idea and Bauhaus Politics in 1993 (since translated, reprinted and updated) and can speak with authority on the impact of Central European avant-gardes globally and how these will be celebrated everywhere from Europe and the United States to Asia in this anniversary year. She was professor of Art History at the László Moholy-Nagy University in her native Budapest, until 1994. Her books include: The Bauhaus Idea and Bauhaus Politics (1991, 1995); the co-edited Between Worlds: A Sourcebook of Central European Avant-Gardes (2002); and Hungarian Art.



Melbourne Events

Image: Mikala and Justene Williams, Red Rockers, 2010, video still, Courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney and Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney © the artists.


Opening of Bauhaus Now! and Book Launch
at Buxton Contemporary 


Event details

25 July 2019, 6–8pm

Buxton Contemporary
Cnr Southbank Boulevard & Dodds St
Southbank, VIC


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Sydney Event

Image: László Moholy-Nagy, A 19, 1927, oil and graphite on canvas, 80 × 95.5 cm.


Roundtable Event at UTS: Why study modernism and the Bauhaus today? 


Event details

30 July 2019
11:00am–12:15pm: Panel 1
12:15pm: Lunch (provided)
1:15pm–2:30pm: Panel 2
2:30pm–3:30pm: Drinks to celebrate Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond


Room 007, Level 4
Johnson Building (UTS Building 6), 702 Harris St
University of Technology Sydney


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Brisbane Events

Image: Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, Photograph of projection from the Colour Light Plays apparatus. University of Melbourne Archives, Hirschfeld-Mack Collection, items 6/4/10/4–7.


Keynote Lecture/Book Launch and a Roundtable at the Museum of Brisbane


Keynote Lecture and Launch
1 August, 6–7:30pm

Roundtable Discussion
3 August, 1–3pm

Museum of Brisbane
Brisbane City Hall
64 Adelaide St
Brisbane City, QLD

At Everyone is talented and for the Roundtable

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Upcoming Bauhaus Now Exhibitions


Three exhibitions will be taking place between 2019 and 2021:


Bauhaus Now! Buxton Contemporary
26 July – 20 October 2019
Curated by Ann Stephen

In the year of its centenary the Bauhaus returns to haunt our museums. How do contemporary artists re-imagine a relationship to this legendary school? Are they scavengers raiding the ruins of modernism, appropriators of ‘good design’ kitsch or acolytes of an unholy sect? Bauhaus Now! explores its legacy in Australia—both for contemporary artists and for art education—highlighting its visionary, collectivist ideals and its radical practices.


Bauhaus Now, Museum of Brisbane
9 May – 25 October 2020
Curated by Ann Stephen and Andrew McNamara

Museum of Brisbane will present Bauhaus Now from 9 May – 25 October 2020. Curated by Dr Ann Stephen and Professor Andrew McNamara, this exhibition will focus on the legacy of three former Bauhäusler who came to Australia: Gertrude Herzger-Seligmann, Georg Teltscher and Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack. There will also be a strong local components, such as architectural section highlighting architect Harry Seidler and his major projects in Brisbane developed by Professor Philip Goad and McNamara as well as another section focusing on the Viennese exiles, Karl and Gertrude Langer, who arrived in Brisbane at the beginning of the Second World War.


Bauhaus Now! Chau Chak Wing Museum, University of Sydney
Dates TBC, 2021

Senior Curator Ann Stephen oversees the third iteration of this project in exhibition form, which will take place at the forthcoming Museum.



About the Book


Bauhaus Diaspora and Beyond: Transforming Education through Art, Design and Architecture presents an extraordinary new Australasian cultural history. It is a migrant and refugee story: from 1930, the arrival of so many émigré, internee and refugee educators helped to transform art, architecture and design in Australia and New Zealand. Fifteen thematic essays and twenty individual case studies bring to light a tremendous amount of new archival material in order to show how these innovative educators, exiled from Nazism, introduced Bauhaus ideas and models to a new world. As their Bauhaus model spanned art, architecture and design, the book provides a unique cross-disciplinary, émigré history of art education in Australia and New Zealand. It offers a remarkable and little-known chapter in the wider Bauhaus venture, which has multiple legacies and continues to inform our conceptions of progressive education, creativity and the role of art and design in the wider community.



Contributors: Philip Goad, Ann Stephen, Andrew McNamara, Harriet Edquist, Isabel Wünsche
RRP $64.99 AUD
125 colour images
115 black & white images
288 pp
270 x 230 mm

A co-publication from Melbourne University Publishing and Power Publications.

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