• Djalkiri: Histories of Indigenous Linework

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    A conversation on the histories of making, collecting and curating Indigenous art in Australia, taking as its point of departure the ground-breaking exhibition of Yolŋu art, “Gululu dhuwala djalkiri” (2020-21)

  • Image Complex

    Our lecture series on the visual systems that have shaped the United States, and those that resist them. Featuring speakers Jolene Rickard, Lisa Lowe, Jennifer González, and Nicole Fleetwood.

  • Yu-chih Lai, Mediating Tradition: Japanese Copperplate Printing and Art Reproduction in 1880s Shanghai

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    In this Sydney Asian Art Series lecture, Yu-Chih Lai discusses the mechanical reproduction of images in 1880s Shanghai.

  • Reading Bennett: The Artist in his Own Words

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    To mark the launch of the Gordon Bennett: Selected Writings, four speakers read selections from Bennett archive, and responded to his words in the context of their own practice and scholarship.

  • Lisa Lowe, Migration, Materiality, Memory

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    The “Image complex” lecture series proposes that the history of power in the United States can be told as a history of visual infrastructures: institutions and practices that govern how we perceive, and what we can do. Lisa Lowe considers the “image complex” of contemporary migration. Whether viewed as foreign … READ MORE