Power Institute is pleased to announce applications are now open for 2017 Terrence and Lynette Fern Cite Internationale de Arts Residencies at the Power studio at the Cite des Arts studio complex in Paris. We encourage artists, writers and academics to apply. Applications for 2017 residencies close on 21 July, 2016.

Applications are now open in the following categories:

a) Participating artists / craftspeople
b) Art critics, art writers, art curators, art historians or art administrators
c) Staff of the University of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art and PhD research students of the Department of Art History & Film Studies and Sydney College of the Arts

A three or six-month residency is offered for Category A, and three months for categories B and C. $3,000 (AUD) is provided towards travel and living expenses.

Further information:
Online forms and further information
P | (02) 9351 4211
E | powerinstitute@sydney.edu.au


Read about Gabriella Hirst’s Cite residency experience.
‘The Cité is such a wonderful community of people from all over the world, artists, composers, dancers, curators, all living in this little island, in this strange situation of being able to focus exclusively on their art projects. I now live in Berlin and have for two years, and the artists I met in Paris are some of my closest friends here.’ GABRIELLA HIRST, 2013 Cité resident

Read about Ivan Cerecina’s Cite residency experience.
‘There, I viewed a number of films that were vital to my research and that were unavailable anywhere else in the world.’ IVAN CERECINA, 2016 Cité resident

Read about Linda Dement’s Cite residency experience.
Through discussions, art critique, expeditions to galleries and events and informal development I found my project taking trajectories it would not have otherwise. Influences and provocations from other artists at the Cité and from the broader various arts events in Paris inspired and challenged on every level. This wonderful range of input, along side significant undisturbed blocks of solitary time in the studio researching and experimenting, contributed to an incredibly fast moving creative development period for me.’ LINDA DEMENT, 2007 Cité resident