• 18 Oct, 4:30pm – Keynote Lecture – Flaudette Datuin

    The Wind in the Trees: From Tradisexion to Womanifesto

    23 September 2019 | Read

    Join us for Flaudette May Datuin’s keynote lecture ‘The Wind in the Trees: From Tradisexion to Womanifesto’ as part of the Gender in Southeast Asian Art Histories II: Art, Digitality and Canon-making?

  • 25 July 2019 | Events

    Sedition 2019 is a festival curated by Lesa-Belle Furhagen and Toby Creswell that celebrates public art and protest of the 1970s. It is focused on the Sydney underground and the huge creative wave that broke during those years. The festival is made up of music, talks, exhibitions, cabaret and cinema and … READ MORE

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