• 30 October, 6pm – Keir Lectures on Art – Reiko Tomii

    From Body in Action to Information in Time: Performance Art and Its 'Second Life' in 1960s Japan

    23 September 2019 | Events, Keir Lectures on Art

    In this lecture, Reiko Tomii illuminates a fundamental difference of performative practices in 1960s Japan from Euro-American counterparts. Through an examination of artwork documentation, which she terms the “second life” of a performance work, Tomii tracks major shifts in artistic practice during this time.

  • Video: Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Inhuman Photographs

    Professor David Raskin, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    25 May 2015 | Watch

    Watch our video recording of a free public lecture on the inhuman art of contemporary Japanese photographer, Hiroshi Sugimoto.

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