• Power Seminar: Reorientation of European Art in the 16th Century

    Professor Alexander Nagel, New York University

    15 February 2016 | Events

    A special research workshop on Friday 11 March, rethinking the transformations in sixteenth-century art history, theory, and style.

  • Power Lecture: The Renaissance Elsewhere

    Professor Alexander Nagel, New York University

    14 February 2016 | Events

    A free public lecture on Thursday 10 March, exploring a tradition of art that is intensely focused on depicting ‘elsewheres’.

  • Podcast: The Image in Question

    Mieke Bal, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA)

    5 August 2014 | Listen

    Listen to our audio recording of a free public lecture on anachronism and the theoretical object, drawing on Albrecht Dürer and Sigmund Freud.

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