Thanks to the generous support of Nicholas Curtis AM and Angela Curtis, we are delighted to continue our partnership of over 50 years with the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

The Cité Internationale des Arts has since the 1950s, welcomed artists, curators and cultural creators from across the world. Inspired by the vision of its founders, Félix and Simone Brunau, who wished to invite the world’s artists to share space, ideas and practices, the Cité is located at the heart of one of the most important of Europe’s cultural centres and is designed to put artists and thinkers from around the globe in contact with one another in an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. Our Cité residency winners have had the chance to engage with artists, practices, and ideas from all over the world, and this has led not only to many notable individual projects but also to a host of collaborations and connections between Australian artists and scholars and their global peers. The Cité is yet another space where Power fulfills its key mission to bring together ideas and artists in international collaboration.

The support of Nicholas and Angela Curtis will allow us to plan five more years of exciting opportunities for growth, development and collaboration, for students, artists, scholars and curators.

Applications Now Open!

Applications for the 2023 Nicholas and Angela Curtis Cité Internationale des Arts Residency Fellowships are now open!

You can apply for 3-month residencies in the following categories:

a) For artists / craftspeople

b) For Art critics, art writers, art curators, art historians or art administrators

c) For staff of the University of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art and research students of the Department of Art History & Film Studies, Chau Chak Wing Museum and University Galleries and Sydney College of the Arts.

Ready to Apply? Click here to find out more about the Residency, or below to begin your application.

Apply for the 2023 Fellowship