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What’s New?

  • Rahaab Allana, Changing Image Practices in South Asia

    15 October, 4-5pm: Register now

    Join us for our second Sydney Asian Art Series lecture of 2020 with Rahaab Allana, curator and publisher at New Delhi's Alkazi Foundation for the Arts. Rahaab will discuss some of the new lens-based practices emerging from South Asia, which suggest new ways of thinking about images, representation, and archives.

  • Nancy Um, Boxes Fit for Kings

    Listen online

    Nancy Um explores the journeys of bottles and flasks, as they circulated the Indian Ocean around 1800. Part of the 2018 Sydney Asian Art Series.

  • Jolene Rickard, Indigenous Visual Sovereignty

    Watch online

    In this video, Jolene Rickard discusses the concept of Indigenous visual sovereignty, a mode of power that emerges from the long history of Hodinöhsö:ni ideas and visual practices.

  • Lisa Claypool, The Technological Sublime: An Ink Painter and a Coal Mine in 1960s China

    Watch online

    In this first lecture in the 2020 Sydney Asian Art Series, Lisa Claypool discusses the “technological sublime” at work in the 1960s ink paintings of Chinese painter Fu Baoshi, and their profound eco-critical implications.

  • Painting as a Modern Art, An Interview with Robert Brennan

    Watch online

    What did it mean for art to be "modern", before the period we regard as Modernity today? Watch Robert Brennan (University of Sydney) and Francesca Borgo (University of St Andrews) discuss Brennan's new book, Painting as a Modern Art in Early Renaissance Italy (Harvey Miller, 2019).