The Power Institute is pleased to invite you to a talk by Sheridan Palmer, author of  Hegel’s Owl: The Life of Bernard Smith

Biography is a kind of history, once it is written it memorialises the individual in time and place; the subject not only acquires an enduring afterlife, but the genre is midwife to his or her transition. Of course some subjects and some biographies, like any historical figure, last better than others.

With the exemplary Australian art and cultural historian Bernard Smith, the subject of Hegel’s Owl, we find a perfect example of a figure, a towering figure in his own discipline of art and cultural history, who was given the title during his lifetime as the Father of Australian art history. This suggests he was well positioned in his career to rank among the preserved patriarchy. But what was it that put him ahead in his field?

This lecture will look at some of Smith’s celebrated and contentious qualities that made him one of the most original and brilliant cultural historians of the twentieth century, a man who fearlessly helped steer Australia’s art and cultural identity to where it stands today.

Sheridan Palmer is an art historian and curator, who studied art at the VCA, has worked in commercial galleries, the National Gallery of Australia and the Ballarat Art Gallery. She has written extensively on both the establishment of art history in Australia and its cultural evolution, particularly during the twentieth century, as well as on contemporary artists.

Monday 31st October
49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney

$12/$9 concession/gleeclub free
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