• Uncertain Objects: Trajectories of Asian Art

    Sydney Asian Art Series Semester One Announcement

    16 March 2018 | Events, Read, Sydney Asian Art Series

    We often think of artists and artworks as having stable identities, yet the historical reality of art is far messier, and far more exciting, as objects, artists, and ideas moved across national and cultural boundaries, created between and from multiple cultures. This year’s Sydney Asian Art Series explores examples of such movement and multiplicity from across Asia and the world.

  • 28 April, 3pm – Sydney Asian Art Series – Until You See the Original Again: Lam Qua, Chinese Export Artist

    Winnie Wong

    11 March 2018 | Events, Read, Sydney Asian Art Series

    The Chinese painter known to Europeans as “Lam Qua” was one of the most well-documented artisans working in the port of Guangzhou in the early 19th century. While very little historical Chinese records have been found to clarify Lam Qua’s biography, he left a fascinating corpus of paintings—including both originals and copies—for us to examine. Professor Winnie Wong’s lecture challenges whether “he was an early exemplar of modern art in China, or a mere copyist of European pictures?” and considers how learning about Lam Qua’s stature might alter how we might see his work.

  • 14 March, 6pm – The Taste of Purple

    An Evening of Synaesthesia at Cake Wines

    11 March 2018 | Events, News, Read

    The Power Institute with support from The Sydney Medical School and the Synaesthesia Research Group invite you to an evening of interdisciplinary collaboration exploring the mysteries of Synaesthesia. Come join us in the cool ambience of the Cellar Door where you can, hear, see and touch the phenomenon of synaesthesia, test yourself, and take part in hands-on illusions.

  • 19 March, 12pm Power Seminar with Amelia Jones

    Curating the Queer Archive/ Curating Queer Performance

    6 March 2018 | Department, Department, Events, Keir Lectures on Art, News, Read

    Amelia Jones is the Robert A. Day Professor at the Roski School of Art and Design at University of Southern California. During her visit to Sydney, she will be presenting a lunchtime seminar for students on curating queer performance and archives.

  • 6 March, 6.00pm – Keir Lectures on Art – Rethinking Drawing: Fragonard in Tivoli

    Ewa Lajer-Burcharth, Harvard University

    5 March 2018 | Department, Events, Keir Lectures on Art, News, Read

    The Power Institute is pleased to present a lecture by Ewa Lajer-Burcharth, Professor of Fine Arts in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University. The lecture will focus on Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s extraordinary series of views from the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, described as “one of the most beautiful red chalk drawings ever made.”

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