• Power Publication – Hegel’s Owl: The Life of Bernard Smith

    23 May 2016 | News, Publications

    In 2008 the prominent Australian art historian Bernard Smith invited Dr Sheridan Palmer to write his biography. Bringing together years of interviews and insight through exclusive access to Smith’s papers and library, Hegel’s Owl deftly reveals the unique character of an exceptional man, today acknowledged by many as the father of Australian … READ MORE

  • 2 July, 5pm — Book launch: Ambitious Alignments

    New Histories of Southeast Asian Art, 1945–1990

    4 May 2016 | Events, Publications

    What can be gained from considering a painting not only as an image but also a material object? Students and interested attendees are invited to join Professor Lajer-Burcharth to discuss the central themes of her long awaited book, The Painter’s Touch. This lunchtime seminar will focus on the question of the relation between materiality and meaning in the context of the Enlightenment.

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