Welcome to the Power Institute. Our purpose is to seek out, foster, and communicate the best ideas and research in art and visual culture.

What’s New?

  • Jennifer González, Fearless Speech

    5 March, 11-12:30pm: Register now

    Jennifer González lectures on "Performative Words in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha and Sharon Hayes"

  • Powered by Power

    Australian art and ideas, amplified

    A new initiative to support the production of Australian art ideas.

  • Linework

    Register now

    A series exploring the histories and futures of Indigenous line-drawing, lineage-tracing and network-making.

  • Sydney Asian Art Series 2021

    Register now

    A series showcasing the leading international voices on critical issues in early, modern and contemporary Asian art. Learn more and register here!

  • Image Complex

    Our lecture series on the visual systems that have shaped the United States, and those that resist them. Featuring speakers Jolene Rickard, Lisa Lowe, Jennifer González, and Nicole Fleetwood.